Thursday, 11 July 2013

My nail journey!

I thought I would start my blog with one of my favourite things- nail art!

I've been having gel nails done professionally for over a year now; it is definitely addictive.
I absolutely love having them done and love being able to have long nails.
My nail technician is Laura Wade @ Nail Candy in Lincoln.
I ask for some crazy things but she never fails to impress with her skills.
Here are some pictures in chronological order of my nails starting from my very first appointment so you can really see how my nails have improved.

Sorry about the picture overload but now you are up to date I can just show you them as I have them done.
As you can probably tell I like all things glittery/polka dotty/fruity/leopard print/kitsch!
I can't imagine not having nice nails anymore!
I would definitely recommend Biosculpture gel.
I would also definitely recommend Laura Wade but as she is completely booked up FOREVER (kind of) and not taking on new clients, I can't! 
But you can keep up to date with any appointments that do come free and all the other beautiful nails she does via her Facebook or instagram @nailcandylincoln


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