Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Cargo Cosmetics Suited to a Tea Cream Eyeshadow Palette review

Hey lovelies! Hope everyone is well!
I thought I would show you my newest purchases- the Cargo Suited to a Tea Cream Eyeshadow Palette. 
I've never owned or even seen a completely cream shadow palette. I'd read a few bad reviews from the USA stating they had to send it back as it was so terrible, I just hoped that it would work for me as the packaging was too cute to resist!
The colours are all perfect for spring and have cute tea related names like 'Earl Grey' and 'Bloomsbury'. Although this is an eyeshadow palette, it also states that you can use the shades 'Bloomsbury' and 'Macaron' on the lips and cheeks. This is okay if you're pale like me, but if you're NW/NC 25 or above, it's not going to work out so well. On the cheeks both colours give a nice, subtle flush but on the lips it does not show up very well and is very drying. 
I was so disappointed when I opened the palette to find the brush had broken. Obviously, brushes in palettes are cheaper than you'd buy separately, but it should at least be in one piece. 
As you can see, the colours inside are so gorgeous and perfect for spring. Here are the swatches-
Above- without flash
Below- with flash
Above- without flash
Below- with flash

As you can probably tell, some of the colours are more pigmented than others. The brown/neutral shades are much nicer than the brighter colours. They have actually stained my hand so I think they will come in handy, particularly on no-makeup-makeup-days or as a base for other colours. However, as a palette in it's own right to stand against something like the Naked palettes, it just doesn't work. I tried to create an eye look using this palette without primer and it lasted around 30 seconds before creasing. If you like cream eyeshadows, you will probably like this palette as it offers a variety of colours. But if, like me, you just wanted to mix up your make-up routine a bit, I wouldn't bother. For £30 (here), it's expensive for a palette that can't really offer a full look. I know there are colours in here I won't use as the pigmentation is terrible. I did, however, use the 'Mayfair' shade in my eyebrows with a bit of brow gel and it looked really nice. Overall, I wouldn't recommend you go out and get this palette without testing it out yourself first. I'm glad I have it as I think you can make it work with a bit of effort and extra care, but it just isn't worth £30! It is not up to the standard of the Cargo Vintage Escape Palette- I would recommend that over this! I'd wait for it to go on sale in Debenhams as I don't see many people buying this one.

Lots of love, 
LilyBettie and Elsie 

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  1. Thanks for your review !!I was thinking con buying it , but definetely I skip on this. Very useful. Lovely dog:)