Thursday, 17 July 2014

MAC Lipstick Collection- Fifty Shades of MAC; Lustre Finish.

It's time for the next instalment of my Fifty Shades of MAC series (way better than Fifty Shades of Grey, just saying). 
This time I will be showing you all of my lipsticks with a Lustre finish!
I think this is my all time favourite formula, or at least most of my favourite lipsticks are this formula. 
It provides a sheer but glossy finish. Even though they are sheer, the pigmentation of most of the colours is still amazing. They remind me a bit of Revlon lip butters in that sense. I find these lipsticks quite hydrating, but some others find them drying so there's no consensus, it could go either way for you.
The lipsticks I have are 
Again, for reference I am NW10 or below with pigmented lips. 
These lipsticks now cost £15.50 each.
I thought my last post was a little heavy on pictures so don't worry, there's less in this one! 

MAC Dish it up (Limited Edition)

MAC Flamingo (Permanent)

MAC Lazy Day (Limited Edition)

MAC Lustering (Permanent)

MAC Milan Mode (Permanent)

MAC Plumful (Permanent)

MAC Sweetie (Permanent)

MAC Syrup (Permanent)

MAC Viva Glam Gaga (Limited Edition)

I love all of these shades. I prefer the lighter shades with a lipliner as you can probably tell why (hello patchy and uneven edges!) but they are all lovely. My favourite shade is Milan Mode. It's so underrated. It has glitter but it's not scratchy or noticeable.
Plumful is also another favourite. The purple tones don't show up too well in the picture. It might be because my lips were a little red from the applications but it is true to the swatch.
What colours are your favourites? Do you have any of these shades?


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