Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Review- Original, Sin and Eden

Do you use a primer? Some people find them pointless, others see them as a necessity. I am part of the latter. So I wanted to tell you about my favourite eyeshadow primer. 

Urban Decay are big love of mine! They do amazing palettes, the pigmentation is fantastic and they stay all day/night long with the help of their Primer Potion!
I have seriously oily eyelids. If I don't wear a primer, I end up with no eyeshadow on my lid and a collection in the crease. Urban Decay Primer Potions are the best primer i've ever used. With a slightly tacky formula, they keep eyeshadows in place until you take your make up off. They work well with other eyeshadows too, not just Urban Decay shadows. 
They come in four different shades; Original, Eden, Sin and Anti-Ageing.
I own the first three but i've not purchased the Anti-Ageing one as it has never appealed to me. I have a sample of each that was included when I purchased my Naked 3 palette, but i'm still yet to try it.
So onto the shades I do have...
The original formula is barely noticeable on the eyelid. It blends out easily so can be used as a base for any eyeshadow colour, even the lightest shades. 
Eden is quite yellow toned, so I love this one for cancelling out veins and redness on my eyelids. It creates a great neutral base to apply shadows on. When I purchased this, the assistant told me it can also double as a concealer or concealer base. 
Sin isn't as similar to the Urban Decay eyeshadow of the same name as you would expect. It has the same champagne tones but is slightly darker. This makes a good base for sparkly eyeshadows as it does contain some shimmer itself. As it's quite pigmented, it can also be worn on it's own.
I apply these primers with my finger and blend over the entire eyelid up to just above the crease. 
As you can tell from the pictures, a little goes a long way! 
At £16, they do seem a little pricey for something you are just going to put another product on top of, but they are worth every penny. 
I tried rubbing them off once they had dried, and none of them budged. Fortunately, they come off the eyes easily with make-up remover, but they won't come off until you want them to.

I would recommend all three of these primers. If you could only get one, I would recommend the original as you can't go wrong with that one. However, the others are great additions if you fancy a bit of a change!

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