Thursday, 7 August 2014

Mac Lipstick Collection- Fifty Shades of Mac; Satin Finish.

Yep. Another instalment of my MAC lipstick collection. I'm going to show you my lipsticks with a Satin finish. Satin finishes remind me a lot of Amplified finishes. They are really creamy and give opaque colour pay off. The only difference I can see is the finish. Satin provide a more matte (semi-matte) finish. I don't gravitate towards these shades in the permanent range, but I don't know why because I love the ones I have. 

Betty Bright (Limited Edition)

Daddy's Little Girl (Limited Edition)

Kelly Yum Yum (Limited Edition)

Hoop (Limited Edition)

Sushi Kiss (Permanent in USA, unavailable in UK)

Toxic Tale (Limited Edition)

Rebel (Permanent)

My absolute favourite shade of this bunch is Hoop! I love it so much for every occasion. I'm going to be devastated when it runs out. Rebel is my least favourite, just because I find it a little hard to wear and it does go on a little patchy. It's a gorgeous colour though, and it doesn't stop me wearing it!

Do you have any recommendations for any Satin shades I should try from the permanent range?


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