Sunday, 21 September 2014

Mac Manish Arora Lipstick in Girl About Town or Kiss Manish- In SearchOf- Please Help Me Find One

It's no secret that I am a collector/hoarder of MAC lipsticks. I've nearly completed my collection of older limited edition shades such as Heatherette, Wonder Woman and Venomous Villains, but Manish Arora lipsticks are seemingly more elusive!

I am desperately in search of this lipstick in any condition from someone who is happy to be paid goods and services on paypal and who is also able to ship to the United Kingdom! 

I have no preference of shade. If you are reading this a few months (or even a year) since this post has been made, it's almost guaranteed I'll still be looking for one, so please leave me a comment, or I would prefer it if you email me at as I might not be active on here :) 

I'm also looking for Dress Camp Too Fab, but I'm not as desperately searching this one (yet!)


I haven't posted in a while due to personal reasons and being generally mega busy! But I'll be back :)

Update: I have Kiss Manish now <3

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