Wednesday, 7 May 2014

MAC Alluring Aquatic collection: haul, review, swatches and comparisons

Hi my loves!
Long time no blog! 
I started my masters degree and my social life disappeared.
But I'm back to review some items I picked up from the new MAC collection! (I wanted to make a youtube video but I was too scared... Haha.)
First off... Just look at the packaging.
I mean seriously. It's incredible. 
Those little drops of water actually feel raised on the packaging. Laurabangs posted a picture on instagram of the new collection a day or so before the release and I knew I had to get something. 

Now on to what I got...

Lipsticks are my favourite. I have A LOT of MAC lipsticks. I love the variety of colours they have, the limited edition collections they bring out and that there are different formulas to suit everyone's taste. 
There were four lipsticks in the collection and I got two; Mystical and Goddess of the sea. They are £16.50 each.

Mystical is described as a midtone creamy rose. 
It reminded me of MAC permanent shades Cosmo and Craving. It is not dissimilar to either, the main difference is the formula. It is also similar to the YSL sheer candy in sweet fig, but as the name suggests; the YSL is more sheer. 

The other colour I picked up was Goddess of the sea. I love purple tones in lipstick so I thought this would be perfect for me. It is described as a dark vibrant violet.
I own a few Mac purple shades to compare it to. Rebel and Plumful are more berry toned. Up the Amp is more vivid. It is similar to Private Party from the Divine Night holiday collection, but again, the formula makes it look different on the lips. I think Goddess of the sea is much more flattering on my pale skin. 

Both lipsticks have been applied over foundation to try to show the true colour. 

Eyeshadow singles are not my thing. Palettes provide much more value for money so I gravitate towards those. But when I saw a swatch of this Lorelei Extra Dimension eyeshadow (£16.50) online, I just had to pick it up. I thought it would compliment some of my favourite palettes perfectly. Mac describe it as a golden beige. 

Although i'm sure it will make a great eyeshadow, it is incredibly similar to the much coveted Superb Mineralise Skin Finish(LE). Despite its small size, a dusting of this on the cheek bones could give a similar effect to Superb, just not quite as sparkly. You might want to pick this up if you didn't manage to get your hands on Superb. 

Do you think they're similar?

The last item I picked up was a blusher in Sea me, Hear me (£20). This is described as a rosy beige. I don't think this is very accurate. Seduced at Sea is another blusher in the collection, but online swatches made it look a little orange, even though it was described as plum, so I opted for this. 

The formula is great and they have a lovely sheen. They remind me of the Clinique blush pops. It is also a similar colour to the Mystical lipstick; what a perfect pair!

Do you need anything from this collection? Probably not. Should you get at least one thing just for the packaging? YES! There's nothing terribly unique about the colour selection. Despite this, I do love the products I got. There's nothing special about these products, but they are incredibly wearable. 

See you soon, Lilybettie and Elsie


  1. The packaging is sooo pretty! I'm a sucker for neutral/shimmery eyeshadows so those have definitely been calling out to me, but I just don't know if I can justify a single eyeshadow for that price! Goddess of the Sea looks like a gorgeous lipstick too! Your pug is adorable :)

    1. It is super expensive- and they are really tiny. But the packaging just makes up for it!
      And thank you <3

  2. I meant to check out this collection yesterday but I didn't have the time. Goddess of the sea looks so nice, and I love the packaging.
    Rubi x
    The Den