Thursday, 10 July 2014

MAC Lipstick Collection- Fifty Shades of MAC; Cremesheen Finish.

I'm obsessed with MAC lipstick. 
My collection has now hit fifty lipsticks. Yes fifty. 
By the time I finish this blog series, it will probably be more than that. I just can't help myself. 
So I thought it would be a good time to share my collection with you guys to help you decide what colour to buy next or get an idea about what the shades look like in real life.

MAC lipsticks now cost £15.50 each after a recent price rise. This is quite expensive, but still cheaper than some high end brands such as Chanel or YSL. However, it's a bit annoying that in the USA they cost less than £10. If you're lucky enough to hit the States, make sure you bring yourself some back (and one for me too please)!

I am starting this series off with the Cremesheen finish.  
It is really creamy, slightly sheer but still packs a lot of colour. If Lustre finish and Amplified finish had a baby, Cremesheen would be it!
Twelve of my lipsticks are this formula. They are Coral Bliss, Creme Cup, Crosswires, Fanfare, Goddess of the Sea, Hot Gossip, Mystical, Naughty Saute, Prepare for Pleasure, Ravishing, Speak Louder and Speed Dial.  
I'm not going to describe the colours in detail as I will provide a hand swatch and a lip swatch, but for reference I am around NW10 (or less) and have very pigmented lips. 

Coral Bliss (Permanent)

Creme Cup (Permanent)

Crosswires (Permanent)

Fanfare (Permanent)

Goddess of the Sea (Limited Edition)

Hot Gossip (Permanent)


Mystical (Limited Edition)


Naughty Saute (Limited Edition)

Prepare for Pleasure (Limited Edition)

Ravishing (Permanent)

Speak Louder (Permanent)

Speed Dial (Permanent)

My favourite colours from this selection are Coral Bliss, Crosswires and Speak Louder. I'm loving Fanfare too, but it's a recent purchase so I can't call it a favourite yet.
Hot Gossip is also a really underrated shade. I've not heard much about this colour anywhere, but it's a lovely day time shade. 
The most disappointing colour for me is Ravishing. I thought I would love it, but I just don't! 

What's your favourite colour?

Next week I will review Lustre lipsticks!

Lots of love

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