Wednesday, 17 July 2013

July's Glossybox Seaside Splash review

Hi lovelies!
The other day I received my July Edition of Glossybox!

I wanted to give myself enough time to try these products so I could give you an honest review.

I'll start with my favourite products- Ciate nail polish in The Glossip!
This is a gorgeous bright coral shade, not unlike cute as a button by Essie which I received in the April Glossybox. This shade is just much more orange and vibrant! I love coral and it is perfect for summer! 

I've got a couple of other Ciate nail varnishes and I love them.
They go on great, need two coats and are long lasting!
I received a full size product so was worth £9.
Would I recommend this product? Yes! Ciate do lovely nail varnishes in gorgeous shade and this one in particular is fantastic! 

The next product was a 25ml sample of Alterna Bamboo Style Boho Waves tousled texture mist (full size 125ml for £23). I have never heard of this brand before but was excited to see whether it made any difference to my super thick, wavy hair.
I used it on my wet hair first and it made no difference. I tried it on dry hair and this was the result.
I feel that this product would work better on thinner hair as I had to use so much to just get this effect. It's a nice product though and it's the only beach waves type product I've used that has made any difference at all! 
Would I recommend this product? It depends on your hair type. If you have fine hair, I would probably say go out and buy it. If you have super thick hair like me, I'd probably give it a miss. 

I also received a full sized Anatomicals Spray Misty for Me facial spritz (£6). I own a couple of facial sprays but don't really use them. I sometimes use Mac fix+ to get rid of any cakeyness but that is about it so I was not particularly excited by this product.
However, I was pleasantly surprised! I've really enjoyed this product and it is currently living in my handbag. It is a perfect refresher throughout the day, especially with this hot weather. I wasn't overly keen of the smell but I've gotten used to it. It doesn't ruin my make up and just leaves me feeling refreshed.
Would I recommend this product? Yes, if you're looking for a pick me up in this hot weather, I'd say give it a go! It's much cheaper than some of the other facial mists on the market which is bonus!

Another full sized product I received was the Inecto Pure Coconut refreshing dry shampoo (£2.49). I was SO disappointed when I saw this in my box. I was hoping for Sleek Pout Paints or the Nip + Fab stuff instead. But to be fair, after using it, it isn't a bad product. It does refresh your hair really well and gets rid of oil. My only problem with this product was that it left a bit of a white residue on my hair then on my hands when I rubbed it in. I've had this with other products but i've never had a transfer to my hands.
Would I recommend this product? Yeah I guess I would. It does what you would expect for a decent price. No complaints.

The final product is one I really don't like; the Coola Mineral Sunscreen tinted moisturiser. I hated this product before it arrived. I really don't know why that was. I knew I would be receiving this or the original sunscreen and I really had my heart set on the original. My main problem with this product is that it only has spf 20. I can't be the only one who finds this quite low for a sunscreen and I definitely prefer a product with a higher spf, my bb cream even has spf 30 so I would never choose to use this. 

The colour is also really off for me. Even though it is described as ultra sheer, it still leaves my skin with a weird tint and slightly orange. I do admit that I am quite pale but I thought Glossybox might send me the original because of this. I am gifting this sample to my mum who i'm sure will enjoy it.
The sample contains 7ml and 50ml full size costs £29.99.
Would I recommend this? Depends on your skin tone or what you want from a sunscreen but not for me! I would also want a higher SPF for the price.

If I hadn't looked at all the other Glossyboxes before I received mine, I would've probably raved about this box. However, I feel like out of all the boxes, I got the worst. This doesn't put me off Glossybox at all though and I look forward to receiving my box every month. I was a little disappointed by last months box, but I feel that Glossybox have redeemed themselves with this box, even if I didn't receive exactly what I wanted! 
I've definitely learned not to look at other boxes before mine arrives and I will resist next month!!
Here's Elsie helping me open my glossybox! 


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